Why is the Banda de Musica involved in Cuba since 2023 while its entire history is in Mexico?

The association simply decided to share!

We are lucky to continue to receive instrument donations. The children in the Santa Cecilia school all have a musical instrument now, whereas in Cuba, there are many music schools with an excellent skill level, but they lack everything. We have established links with some of them and bring them instruments, strings and equipment according to their specific needs, identified in situ. We ensure that every instrument is hand-delivered to the children or their teachers.

Moreover, the association organises instrument repair campaigns within the partner schools in Cuba, sending volunteer luthiers and wind instrument repairers from time to time. On average around one hundred instruments are repaired during each mission.

To be effective in Cuba, we joined forces with UNESCO’s ‘Creative cities network’ program, intended to “promote cooperation with and between cities that have identified creativity as a strategic factor in sustainable urban development “.

Our actions in Cuba are carried out in cooperation with the music schools in Havana: Manuel Saumell, Paulita Concepcion, Guillermo Tomas, Alejandro Garcia Caturla, Amadeo Roldan, and the Escuela Nacional de Arte (The National School of Art).
More recently, we have initiated a collaboration with schools in the town of Matanzas, located at a100 kms from Havana: Escuela Professional de Arte (The Professional School of Arts) and the Escuela Alfonso Perez Isaac.

All of the schools offer a general education and musical program to hundreds of children between the ages of 7 and 14, and then from 15 to 18.